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Printtable Is A DIY 3D Printer Made Of Ikea Tables

Wayne Mason-Durst had problems finding small spare parts for his car and than he found 3D printing in 2011.

Besides the 2.000 pound price tag of his 3D Touch from BitsFromBite´s, the company was bought by 3D Systems, Wayne found a few more limitations. So he decided to build his own 3D printer. After thinking a long time about it he was struck by a thought. His 3D printer was placed on a 10$ table from Ikea. Why don’t use the stable table as a basis for the 3D printer?

The idea of Printtable was born. All you need is a controller with display, a power supply, a view steel rods, bearings and of course two Lack tables. The rest of the parts can easily be 3D printed.

Wayne created a very detailed Instructable and a Youtube channel with more than 30 videos explaining how to build a Printtable yourself. The costs of the 3D printer with 340x320x300mm are just under 500$. You can buy all you need at the store of Printtable or at a store of your choice.

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