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RoVAPaste Food 3D Printer Now Available for Pre-Order

After their successfully funded campaign for the RoVa 3D printer, Canadian startup ORD Solutions had launched the RoVaPaste, which was unfortunately not able to repeat the previous success on Kickstarter. 

However, for those who are still interested in owning one of their paste-extruding devices, they can now pre-order the RoVaPaste with prices starting at $ 1,499 for the single paste extruder version. The printer is also available as a dual paste extruder option or including an additional two filament extruders.


So whether you are planning on 3D printing food decoration with icing, peanut butter or chocolate spread, or creating an object using silicone, plaster or similar materials, the RoVaPaste 3D printer could be the right device for you.

Technical specifications:

  • Max Print Dimensions: 11.18″ x 11.88″ x 7.55″
  • Print Volume (cubic inches): 1002
  • Footprint (LxWxH): 15″ x 10.75″ x 17.5″Z
  • Resolution: 50µm
  • Software: Open source
  • Max print temp (with optional filament extruders): 450C
  • Heated Bed: Optional
  • Heated Paste: Optional
  • Heated Paste Nozzles: Optional
  • Cooled Bed: Optional
  • Max number of paste extruders: 2
  • Max number of filament extruders: 2
  • Print materials (Paste extruders): Silicone, Plaster, Drywall compound, Nutella, Peanut Butter, icing, and other similarly viscous pastes…
  • Print Materials (Filament extruders): PLA/ABS/Nylon/PC/POM/PET/Carbon/Wood/+More


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