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Sharebox3D Launches on Indiegogo

Italian 3D printer manufacturer Sharebot today launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for the Sharebox3D.

According to Sharebot the external hardware will improve the entire 3D printing user experience, being able to control, manage, use and view every file and every print anywhere at a time.

The full wireless connectivity not only allows you to remote control the print but also lets you share stored files with friends and colleagues. Once a GCODE is generated, it can be directly send to the 3D printer. The user is able to choose printer settings and control them from anywhere. If for any reason the device stops working, you will be informed about where exactly to continue from.

Sharebox3D enables you to:

  • manage your STL files
  • control the print remotely via web app on your smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • get notifications on any device
  • control the print via webcam
  • store your files
  • connect your printer to WIFI

Sharebot has a working prototype, however wants to fund the production of the device via the campaign. Estimated first deliveries of the Sharebox3D will start in September 2015.

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