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Slant 3D launches beta phase for 3D printing API

Slant 3D, a 3D printing service provider from the USA, has launched the beta phase for its 3D printing API. This interface (API) is designed to give developers easy access to Slant 3D’s extensive 3D printing farms.

The API allows 3D models to be sent directly to Slant 3D’s production facilities, where they are automatically prepared for 3D printing, printed and then sent to the customer. This process is fully automated, without any manual intervention. According to Slant 3D, this opens up a wide range of possibilities for the production of individualized products on demand.

A key aspect of the new API is the powerful interface to the company’s own “Slicer”. This prepares 3D models for printing in a matter of seconds. Combined with Slant 3D’s robust 3D printing infrastructure, this should enable orders to be processed within three to five days.

“We have effectively moved our production facility to the cloud,” explained Slant 3D. “Now a kid in Africa with an internet connection can design a product that someone in New York can buy through our API.”

During the beta phase, selected users will have the opportunity to test the API and provide feedback. This will be incorporated into the further development of the interface. Slant 3D promises to use the API to remove hurdles in the production process and reduce manufacturing costs.

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