Home Lifestyle & Art Sofa So Good: 3D Printed Sofa by Janne Kyttanen

Sofa So Good: 3D Printed Sofa by Janne Kyttanen

Finnish designer and conceptual artist Janne Kyttanen has created a unique furniture piece using 3D Systems ProX 950 SLA printing system. 

The lounger called “Sofa So Good” measures 1.5 meters in width and weighs 2,5 kilograms. The total of 6000 layers have been fabricated using only 2.5 litres of resin material. Afterwards coated in copper and chrome polish, the geometric design can hold up to 100 kilograms.

Kyttanen, working as Creative Director for 3D Systems, was inspired by nature – more precisely by spiders and silkworms – for the mesh-like structure. His intention was not only to demonstrate the capabilities of realising complex designs using 3D printing technology, but also to prove that a lot of material can be saved in doing so.

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