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i-SOLIDS: Virtual 3D Printer Rental

A team of 3D printing enthusiasts with degrees in engineering and technology, programming and network design, has come up with an idea of a 3D printing service that is unlike any other. 

Currently seeking for funding on Kickstarter, i-SOLIDS wants to support the 3D printing community by providing a completely new way of accessing professional 3D printers. After creating a user account for the platform, customers will be able to “rent” 3D printing equipment via a secure internet connection.

i-SOLIDS provides you with information about different types of printers, pro and cons for each type of software and various tutorials. Once you have downloaded and installed a 3D printing software, you can choose which printer will work best for you and then receive the estimated print time. This will allow you to schedule a time to access the printer and create a reservation.  An hour prior to the scheduled print time you will receive a reminder with additional instructions. A live camera feed allows for viewing the printer in real time. The 3D printed object will then be shipped to your home within a few days, providing you have already paid for the service.

Additionally to the costs for material plus printing ($ 3,50 to $ 5,75 per hour, depending on the device) and shipping, i-SOLIDS will offer three different membership levels:

“We are creating an environment that changes the way consumers are able to affordably create, share, and enjoy professional 3D prints.”

If you would like to find out more about the idea of i-SOLIDS or support their campaign, check out their Kickstarter page.

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