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Tekniker presents XXL metal 3D printer “Titan”

The Tekniker technology center from the Basque Country is presenting a new development at the BIEMH manufacturing trade fair in Bilbao: The 3-meter-high “TITAN” is an oversized 3D printer for the direct deposition of metal materials (DED process).

The huge system with a build space of over 6 x 3 x 3 meters is primarily intended to enable complex geometries for industries such as aerospace and shipbuilding. TITAN will manufacture components from various metal alloys for extreme conditions. As an example, the production of an engine nozzle for use on Mars will be shown at the trade fair.

In addition to the XXL printing system, Tekniker will be demonstrating other solutions for networked production. A collaborative robot cell will demonstrate bin-picking processes. 3D vision, proximity sensing for safeguarding and augmented reality glasses will be used.

The focus will also be on innovative processes for surface treatments and material selection for DED-manufactured components. The DED (Directed Energy Deposition) process is becoming increasingly important in metal additive manufacturing. In this process, wire electrode material is applied directly to the component surface using a laser or electric arc. Nikon recently launched a new DED system for the repair of turbine components.

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