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TU Eindhoven Starts Concrete 3D Printing Project – Update

Eindhoven University of Technology currently explores the boundaries of concrete 3D printing with a crane-like system able to build structures of up to 11 x 5 x 4 meters. 

October 29th 2015 – The concrete printer was built by the dutch company ROHACO and is now part of the University’s 3D Concrete Printing (3DCP) project, that is funded with € 650,000 by ten participating companies and technical universities. Installed at a production hall, it features an overhead hoisting crane, with the usual cable replaced by a jointed, swivel printer head that is attached to a concrete mixing and pump unit via a hose.

Theo Salet, professor of concrete structures, and Rob Wolfs, PhD student, are convinced that this printer opens up a world of new possibilities. However, 3D printing concrete requires the right materials and techniques to achieve satisfying results.

Image: Rien Meulman

Thus, the university’s team will be working with the building industry to develop knowledge to 3D print easily recyclable concrete structures, such as walls, over the next couple of years. While very fine details can be achieved by extruding the material, various kinds, qualities and colours of concrete can be combined in a single product. Strong walls printed with fibre-reinforced concrete can be complemented by layers of insulation inside and dirt-repelling concrete on the outside.

Another possibility would be the integration of smart components, such as wireless sensors, that can measure the temperature or turn on light when somebody enters the room.

Until that, the researchers still have to work on the technique’s basics and investigate new kinds of 3D printable concrete materials. Within five years, the first products are expected to be available considered they are safe for use: “These are building products so safety is vital, which means the research must be thorough,” Rob Wolf explains.

Image: Rien Meulman


June 30th 2016 – Update: 3D printed Pavilion revealed

The team from the Eindhoven University of Technology revealed a two meter tall 3D printed pavilion during a presentation at CASA Vertigo. The pavilion is the work of a group of PhD and MSc students.

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