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Type A Machines announces new filament and Cura Type A 1.5

Type A is known for their 3D printer Series 1 and Series 1 Pro, but beside the 3D printer the company is working together with other companies to constantly develop new sorts of filament. Now they have announced the EverydayPLA and the Performance PLA alongside a new version of their slicing software Cura Type A.

EverydayPLA is perfect for the daily use and for the educational applications. It’s easy to print and needs no heated bed but it generates reasonable, nice objects. The material was developed together with 3DomFuel and it is as environmental-friendly as possible. The 1KG role costs 32$ and is available in blue, black, white, grey, orange and yellow.


The second new filament is PerformancePLA which was specially developed to withstand higher mechanical stresses. When printed correctly it also allows a high quality. PerformancePLA was developed together with Breath-3DP. It’s a bit more expensive than the EverydayPLA, it costs 56$ per role and is available in black, white, grey, red, green and orange.


Delivering a 3D printing experience comprised of hardware, software, and materials, all tuned to work together, is critical to meeting our manufacturing customers’ needs. EverydayPLA, and PerformancePLA provide our customers choices in filament that deliver solid, reliable results and we stand behind that.

Alongside the new filament they have also continued the development of their slicing software and have released version 1.5. The new software includes 78 different profiles optimised for the different filament types and the 3D printers of Series 1. Cura Type A can be downloaded for free on the company’s website.

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