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Uniz Slash – Superfast SLA 3D Printer Is Huge Kickstarter Success (Update)

At this year’s CES, San Diego-based startup Uniz announced an SLA 3D printer with a new approach to speed.

February 2nd 2016 – The resin-based 3D printer doesn’t use a laser or a DLP projector to cure the photosensitive resin but instead uses LCD technology to block the light out. We don´t know yet what the light source is, but the company is planning a Kickstarter campaign to seek financing.

So how does the technology normally work? SLA 3D printers which are using lasers to cure the light can focus the laser very precise, but there are a always a few reflections from the print bed which determine the resolution of the 3D printer.

There are other SLA 3D printers which use Texas Instruments´ DLP technology to project light with a very high resolution. This resolution is based on video projectors that can, for example,  produce a FullHD video on a large wall. But instead of a big wall in the 3D printers it is used for a very small space.

Now, the technology used in the Slash from Uniz utilises a LCD to block the light in specific patterns with the precision of a DLP 3D printer but at a higher speed. We are looking forward to see how this promising machine works!


March 24th 2016 – Update: Get ready for a kickstart on March 29th

The SLASH will hit Kickstarter on March 29th at 9am EST (3pm CET), so get ready for it. The Kickstarter campaign promises the best available price for the first 3D printer from UNIZ, so make sure to come back to the Kickstarter site in five days.


March 30th 2016 – Update: Slash was funded in just one day!

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the Kickstarter page for the fast SLA 3D printer from Uniz Technology LLC. In just one day the project got pledges over 80.000$, nearly twice the amount the company seeks through the crowdfunding campaign.

The super early bird for the Slash was only 999$ and the devices offered were gone in just hours. At the moment the Slash is available to preorder for the early bird price of 1.199$. These will ship in December 2016.

The regular pricing starts at 1.399$ and printers are scheduled to be delivered in February to March 2017.


April 19th 2016 – Update: The Slash is a huge success on the crowdfunding platform

Backers of the Slash can celebrate with Uniz. After reaching more than 500% of their goal the company has announced some interesting stretch goals.

As the campaign already reached more than 330.000$ the first two goals are reached. The first is an extra vat and the second is a extra bottle of resign for every backer.

If the campaign reaches 400.000$ every backer gets an extra build platform.

Slash stretch goals

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