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YouTuber builds functioning hovercraft with 3D printing

The YouTube channel “RCLifeOn” has realized a breathtaking DIY project: Using simple components, he built an extremely fast hovercraft that can even transport a person thanks to 3D printing.

As the final video shows, the self-built hovercraft reached high speeds on snow. According to the creators, this was primarily made possible by specially designed 3D-printed compressor propellers that generate enough lift.

Previously, the first version of the hovercraft was still too weak to carry the weight of a person. The breakthrough only came after structural adaptations and the addition of extra propellers. Despite interim problems, the vehicle subsequently mastered even bumpy terrain without any problems.

According to the announcement, the team is already planning a follow-up project: an “Inspector Gadget” anti-gravity device that will simulate the feeling of different planetary gravities. The same motors as in the hovercraft are to be used for this.

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