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YouTuber shows innovative drying technology for 3D printing filament

In a new video, YouTuber Stefan from CNC Kitchen has looked at innovative drying solutions for 3D printing filaments. The focus was on a dehumidification technology based on ion membranes.

In this process, humidity is separated electrolytically by a membrane and released again on the other side of the membrane in the form of hydrogen ions. The advantages: Neither condensate nor consumables such as silica gel are produced.

To test the practicality of filament drying, Stefan installed such a dehumidifier in the lid of his Bambu Lab X1 Carbon 3D printer. In comparison with silica gel, the ion membrane was able to significantly reduce the humidity in the printing chamber and keep it at a permanently low level.

According to Stefan, the maintenance-free dehumidifiers are therefore potentially very suitable for dry storage of filament rolls. However, initial drying using heat is still advisable. He cites the comparatively high costs of the high-tech components as a disadvantage.

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