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YouTuber tests 3D printing materials in blender

In an experiment, the YouTube channel Slant 3D tested common materials for 3D printing for their resistance in a blender. You can see how PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU and nylon are literally shredded in a blender.

“We wanted to know how robust these materials actually are in extreme situations,” explains the Slant 3D team. They tested 3D-printed figures made from the most common filaments. In fact, there were clear differences.

While brittle materials such as PLA and PETG quickly disintegrated into their individual parts, flexible materials such as TPU lasted longer. However, even tough types such as ABS and nylon did not stand a chance against the mixer’s rotating blades.

According to Slant 3D, the materials largely behaved as expected. Nevertheless, the spectacular video provides valuable insights for users of 3D printing processes. In future videos, they want to take a more scientific approach in order to generate more meaningful test data. The team is currently raising money for a test studio via a Kickstarter campaign.

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