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ZMorph Launches 3 New Tool Heads for Their All-in-One 3D Printer

Polish manufacturer ZMorph has launched 3 new tool heads for their all-in-one personal fabricator, that can be used for 3D printing with filament or pastes, CNC milling, laser cutting and 3D scanning. All this can be achieved with a total of now 14 different tool heads and a 3D scanner add-on.

ZMorph’s three new tool heads include a CNC mill, a paste extruder and an colour mixing extruder.

While the previous CNC milling tool was an extension to fix a Dremel hand unit onto the device, the new, more powerful version features its own motor.


The improved paste extruder is easier to clean and can also handle thick pastes such as ceramics in addition to food pastes.


While the two heads mentioned above have been updated versions of others, the multi-material mixing extruder is a completly new design. It can handle two different filaments, that can either be mixed to create a new colour or extruded one after the other for multi-colour prints. All the tool heads are managed by ZMorph’s Voxelizer software.


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