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35mm film camera from the 3D printer

Analog photography has been making a comeback for some time now. With his DIY film camera, designer Yuta Ikeya is now also bringing back the medium of film. His camera exposes analog 35mm photographic material and converts it into moving images.

Ikeya consistently relies on 3D printing to reproduce the complex mechanics of a film camera. Arduino-based motors and control electronics replace mechanical transport mechanisms. This results in a relatively large but portable housing.

The film is loaded into two cassettes, each with a reversible function as a supply reel or take-up reel. The aspect ratio of the images is extremely wide format – quite intentional according to Ikeya. Minor light leaks even enhance the artistic effect.

The project impressively demonstrates how 3D printing can be used to build a fully functional film camera based on commercially available components.

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