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3D-printed adapter revives single-8 film cameras

Engineer Jenny List has developed a 3D printable cassette for Fujifilm Single-8 home movie cameras. The special design allows standard Super 8 film to be used in vintage Single-8 cameras.

Single-8 was a competitor to the widely used Super 8 film format in the 60s and 70s. However, Fujifilm stopped producing the high-quality Single 8 material around 10 years ago.

List’s newly developed cassette replicates original Single 8 cassettes and thus enables the use of common Super 8 films. According to the developer, a high-quality 3D printer with fine nozzles is required for printing in order to achieve the required precision.

The loading process requires some skill, as the Super 8 film has to be cut to half the length of a single 8 roll and reloaded. The building instructions with all the details have been published on Github under an open source license.

Although no new Single 8 films are being produced any more, there is still a large fan base for the nostalgic cameras. List’s adapter allows enthusiasts to still use the devices today and keep filmmaking with analog technology alive.

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