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3D Printed Robot Marty Makes Learning Robotics Easy

Marty is a WIFI enabled, fully programmable robot made with 3D printed parts, that helps kids and makers understand robotics easier.

Thanks to his unique leg design, Marty can walk, turn, dance and even kick a ball and makes learning about electronics, mechanical engineering and programming a fun process. He is designed to be upgradeable and customisable with 3D printed parts, while being compatible with single board computers like the Raspberry Pi.


The cute little robot was developed by Dr. Alexander Enoch from the University of Edinburgh, who recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to make Marty widely available. The team currently has several functional prototypes and will use the funds to start production of the kits. For only GBP 10 supporters will get the beta 3D printable part designs and software ahead of their general release, while the complete robot kit with arms can be ordered for GBP 95.

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