Home Applications & Case Studies 3D printer bakes a cake with seven ingredients and a laser

3D printer bakes a cake with seven ingredients and a laser

Scientists have developed a robot that can produce and bake cakes with up to seven different ingredients. This is a new record for the complexity of printable food.

The robot is based on a modified 3D printing technology. Using special nozzles, different ingredients can be applied precisely and layer by layer, similar to conventional 3D printing processes.

In initial trials, the researchers experimented with different recipes to produce stable cakes from printable ingredients such as banana puree, nut nougat cream or peanut butter. A solid sponge base made from graham cracker crumbs, which is baked using a laser, serves as the “framework”.

It takes around 30 minutes to print each piece of the curious 3D cakes. However, the scientists see great potential for personalized baked goods that can be tailored to the nutritional needs of individuals.

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