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3D printer manufacturer Bambu Lab defends itself against accusations

Recently, a video with serious allegations against the 3D printer manufacturer Bambu Lab was circulated. The starting point was the alleged decryption of a log file of a Bambu Lab printer.

The allegations made were that Bambu Lab had stolen its firmware, that the devices were secretly transferring data even in LAN mode and that log files contained copyrighted property, such as 3MF files.

Bambu Lab has now made a public statement in a blog post. It emphasizes that the company always adheres to software licenses and that the firmware was developed in-house. According to Bambu Lab, support staff can only access log files if customers actively upload them for troubleshooting purposes. There is no secret transmission of printer logs.

According to the company, the log files only contain technical data and no customer information such as 3D models. The company had already responded constructively to queries on topics such as data protection in the past. Bambu Lab is now ready to publicly discuss more substantial evidence for the allegations made. If the allegations prove to be unfounded, an apology is expected.

With this public statement, Bambu Lab wants to make it clear that it has an interest in transparency, irrespective of the specific allegations. Only time will tell whether the promised disclosure of evidence will bring clarity.

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