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3D printer manufacturer BLT signs sales partnerships for Korea, Poland and Africa

Chinese company BLT, which specializes in industrial 3D printing, has announced new distribution partnerships with LINCSOLUTION, CadXpert and RusselSmith for Korea, Poland and Africa.

South Korea, known for its dynamic and tech-savvy market, is at the center of BLT’s expansion efforts in Asia. By partnering with LINCSOLUTION, a distributor specializing in metal additive manufacturing, BLT strives to serve the South Korean market with state-of-the-art products and solutions. LINCSOLUTION, founded in 2015, brings extensive industry expertise and a strong engineering team to provide not only products but also excellent customer service, including installation, maintenance and training.

In Europe, BLT is focusing on Poland and the Baltics, including Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, to expand its presence across the continent. The partnership with CadXpert, a company established in the industry since 2013, guarantees a comprehensive 3D printing experience, from equipment acquisition to post-purchase support. CadXpert provides access to a variety of metal 3D printers and BLT’s advanced printing materials and technologies.

Africa, a continent with enormous potential and fast-growing economies, marks another strategic step for BLT. The partnership with Russel Smith, an integrated energy solutions provider operating in West Africa, Namibia, Angola and Uganda, expands BLT’s range of products and services. Russel Smith, with almost 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, will offer BLT’s portfolio of pressure equipment, materials and software solutions.

This international expansion of BLT is in line with its mission to deliver world-leading technology solutions. The newly forged partnerships in South Korea, Africa, Poland and the Baltics herald an exciting chapter in BLT’s international story, promising innovation and excellence on a global scale.

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