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3D Printing with CAD Xpansion SDK: Software Developer Library now also exports Objects to STL Format

3D Printing with CAD Xpansion SDK: Software Developer Library now also exports Objects to STL Format

(Bochum, Germany, February 18, 2016) – Just like in other areas, standardized file formats are also very useful for developers of CAD, CAM, PDM and CAE applications to exchange data between various applications. With the new version of the CAD Xpansion SDK, developers of such solutions have now an even broader set of functionality to implement the export of 3D objects into their applications: While previous versions of the CAD Xpansion SDK could be used to create STEP and IGES files, the new version is also able to export 3D objects to STL. This format is often seen as the most widespread and current de facto standard format used for 3D printing.

Programs which support the file formats STL, STEP and IGES offer users a high flexibility when working with 3D models, since these programs enable them to easily process objects from various sources. Moreover, STL files may be displayed, saved and printed even by using freeware apps. Printing may be done with 3D printers either at home or in the office, or even by sending the files to professional 3D printing service providers.


  • Developer library with a rich set of functionality to create 3D objects for various application areas and for the implementation of this functionality into CAD, CAM, PDM and CAE software
  • NEW: Export of 3D objects not only to STEP und IGES, but also to the STL format
  • Documentation: Guide, developer reference, examples (description and code), object lists for various scopes

The CAD Xpansion SDK can be ordered directly from soft Xpansion. The base price is 1000,- EUR plus VAT, if VAT is applicable. Amounts for individually ordered parts (e.g. shaft, gear or beam) will be added to the base price. If any part is not available in the current version of the library, it can be created on request according to the clients´ specifications.

In order to test the performance and the functionality of the CAD Xpansion SDK, a documentation (guide & reference), a trial version and a test application may be downloaded for free on Soft Xpansion`s product website.

Developer Platform: C++, others (C or Delphi) on request
Operating Systems (developers and users): Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008 (32 and 64 bit respectively)

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