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Windform TPU, new rubber-like material for AM

It’s a versatile thermoplastic polyurethane, extremely elastic, flexible, soft thanks to its elongation at break value > 400%. It is suitable for many industrial sectors and applications.


CRP Technology launches on the AM market a new material of the TOP-LINE range for industrial 3D printing service, the rubber-like Windform TPU.

Windform TPU is a thermoplastic polyurethane, white coloured, extremely elastic, flexible, resistant to impact and soft thanks to its elongation at break > 400%.

Franco Cevolini, CEO and Technical Director of CRP Technology: “With Windform TPU, the number of rubber-like materials of the Windform TOP-LINE range, rises to two. We can satisfy many more customers’ needs, as they are two rubber-like SLS materials with different characteristics: Windform RL – the first of the Windform range – is a TPE, and it is more rigid, whereas Windform TPU is a thermoplastic polyurethane and it is softer, more flexible.”

There are many industrial sectors that can benefit from the use of Windform TPU thanks to its versatility, from transport to robotics, from design to footwear, sports equipment and fashion accessories.

Windform TPU is suitable for manufacturing, for example but not limited to, automotive interior components, gimbal bellows, air cleaner covers, hoses, grips, connectors, joints, snap fits. And again: components for the sport sector, from the sports protections to the running shoes outsoles thanks to its high abrasion resistance.

Windform TPU is also suitable for parts to be used at low temperatures, or that have to be immersed in oils or greases or solvents.

With Windform TPU, the total number of Windform TOP-LINE materials for professional 3D printing (that is Selective Laser Sintering) rises to eleven.




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