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3D printing in veterinary medicine: opening up new possibilities

Additive manufacturing is increasingly finding its way into veterinary medicine. 3D printing is opening up new avenues in veterinary care. From anatomical models for training to customized implants and bionic prostheses. Noufel Ouail Marouf from the National School of Veterinary Medicine in Algiers is investigating the possibilities of 3D printing in this field.

In veterinary medicine studies, anatomical models play an important role in teaching spatial structures. 3D printers can be used to create precise replicas of bones, organs or joints. Another area of application is the production of individual implants. With the help of imaging techniques such as CT or MRI, the exact body structures of the patient can be digitally recorded. Based on this data, specialists design a custom-made implant on the computer and print it out of biocompatible materials. Such personalized implants enable an optimal fit and shorten the operation time.

3D printing offers particular added value in the production of bionic prostheses for pets. The degree of freedom in design and material means that prostheses can be developed that are individually tailored to the animal and even have functional aspects.

Despite the promising possibilities, there are still hurdles to overcome. In addition to technical challenges, regulatory issues also need to be clarified and quality standards established. Nevertheless, the rapid development in 3D printing shows that this technology will be an integral part of veterinary medicine in the future.

The complete paper entitled “3d printer uses in veterinary medicine: a review” can be accessed here.

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