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3D Printing a Life-Size Version of Yourself

New York City-based startup Body Labs has teamed up with 3D printing service Voodoo Manufacturing to 3D print a full-size replica of a human body.

For mother’s day this year, a viral Groupon deal offered a 3D printed model of yourself to surprise your mom with. The idea was that you could give your mother the ever-lasting gift of your presence in your now empty childhood bedroom. The hefty price-tag of $ 30,000 made NYC-based companies Body Labs and Voodoo Manufacturing to create an economical end-to-end pipeline for 3D printing full-size replicas of people at under $ 3,000.

Jonathan Schwartz, Co-founder of Voodoo Manufacturing, demonstrated what such a model could look like by 3D scanning his own body and then 3D printing it in eighty eight different segments. The entire replica model was printed in just under a day in the company’s workshop equipped with MakerBot Replicator 3D printers. It took a total of 623 printing hours and almost 15 kg of plastic material. See the impressive result for yourself:


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