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3D printing service provider Endeavor 3D expands partnership with HP

Already a member of the HP Digital Manufacturing Network, Endeavor 3D continues to expand the relationship and joins a number of international contract manufacturers offering the full range of HP Jet Fusion printing capabilities.

Endeavor 3D is committed to providing innovative solutions that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and open up new possibilities for engineers, designers, and researchers for additive manufacturing in North America. To systematically create advanced additive manufacturing processes that not only meet industry standard certifications but exceed quality management protocols, enabling volume production at their facility in Douglasville, GA.

“Endeavor 3D is demonstrating the power of using 3D printing to reimagine manufacturing,” said Global Head of Sales and Go-to-Market, 3D Printing Solutions, Wayne Davey. “The combination of Endeavor’s vision and expertise with HP’s 3D printing capabilities gives customers a path to scale sustainable production and realize business results. We are excited to see the market impact Endeavor 3D and its customers deliver.”

Previously a member of the HP Digital Manufacturing Network (DMN), this recent invitation-only certification positions Endeavor 3D globally as one of the premiere providers of best-in-class Multi Jet Fusion part quality and manufacturing expertise. HP DMN members awarded with the HP Digital Manufacturing Partner distinction are certified by HP with a rigorous evaluation and onsite assessment.

“Joining this short list of HP Digital Manufacturing Partners is an important milestone for our company,” said Endeavor 3D CEO, Phil Arnold. “Our deep relationship with HP continues to expand with a singular shared vision, to support the next generation of designers, engineers, and manufacturers with our experienced relationship-centric team of skilled additive professionals and full manufacturing capabilities. The foundation of our operation is to offer end-to-end prototyping and production services 24-7 that exceed existing quality standards.”

Endeavor 3D’s 65,000 square foot, award-winning facility in Douglasville, GA is exclusively devoted to advanced additive manufacturing technologies and is outfitted with state-of-the art, in-house testing laboratory equipment and quality control systems.

The HP Multi Jet Fusion platform has been a game-changer for the manufacturing sector. Capable of producing precise, detailed structures faster and much more affordable than conventional processes, this 3D printing technology enables an agile production framework that many industries are adopting. Endeavor 3D is already engaged and collaborating with leaders in the aerospace, automotive, and medical device market offering PA 12, PA 12 White, PA 11, and TPU materials required for product development and production applications.

Endeavor 3D is currently offering prototyping and production services enabled by its HP Jet Fusion fleet, with plans in the near future for further expansion.

Find out more about Endeavor 3D at endeavor3d.com.

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