Home Industry 3D Printing specialist Caracol collaborates with Boat Builder V2 Astilleros Y Embarcaciones

3D Printing specialist Caracol collaborates with Boat Builder V2 Astilleros Y Embarcaciones

Caracol, a specialist in robotic 3D printing, and V2 Astilleros Y Embarcaciones, a boat building company in Spain, have announced a partnership. The two companies are working together with the aim of researching and developing new solutions for the boatbuilding sector.

V2 Boats and Caracol are pooling the know-how they have accumulated over many years. On the one hand, there is V2 Boats, a young and dynamic brand in the nautical sector with over 15 years of experience in the design, construction and development of boats. The team of naval architects and engineers uses hydrodynamic simulations and computer-aided structural calculations to realize high-quality projects and define the perfect design of their boats with absolute precision before production.

On the other hand, Caracol is a leader in robotic large-format production and has around 10 years of experience in 3D printing parts for advanced sectors. The company has expanded its capabilities in the marine sector, producing qualified parts with its proprietary Heron AM robotic LFAM platform for leading shipyards and superyacht builders and exploring the possibility of producing complete and functional boat hulls with the technology. Specifically, the company has worked on various boat types and parts, including large format molds for composite lamination, implants for yacht hulls, direct production of lightweight racing boat parts and custom components such as large superstructures.

V2 Boats will install a Heron AM platform in Spain to manufacture boats – including complete hulls and components such as superstructures, furniture and more – and support companies in the maritime industry in both the Iberian Peninsula and the LATAM region.

Through this partnership, the companies believe it will be possible to further expand the use of large-format 3D printing and integrate it into the production of finished boats and parts.

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