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3D Systems Bundels with Alibre Software

3D printer manufacturer 3D Systems and US CAD/CAM software developer Alibre were first to launch a software/hardware bundle on the 3D printing market.

Alibre, a CAD software developer ranking in the lower price segment of the US market, offers two versions of the bundle on its website, for both business and private use, at prices starting from $1499. Depending on the bundle you can choose between a Rep Man 3.1 or a BFB 3000 3D printer to go with the software package Alibre Design Personal or Alibre Design Professional.

Abe Reichental, president and Chief Executive Officer of 3D Systems, sees the bundle’s key advantages in a better and cheaper availability of 3D printing technology for developer.

“Alibre’s 3D CAD software combined with our portfolio of personal 3D printing systems will allow individuals to become their own one-stop design and printing shop … It is an exciting time for the maker community, as these content-to-print bundles democratize access to affordable, easy to use integrated 3D solutions.”

Paul Grayson, chairman and CEO of Alibre Inc. outlines the reduced costs on the 3D printing market.

“We are very excited to bring these 3D printing bundles to the Maker community at such disruptively affordable price points (…) Four years ago, 3D printing solutions cost nearly $25,000 without the 3D CAD software. Alibre and 3D Systems will allow creators, DIYers and Makers the ability to bring their visions to reality without having to outsource the printing. Makers will be able to effectively run 3D printing factories in their own homes, offices or schools for under $1,500, which has been unheard of until now.”

It is uncertain if this bundle will be released on the european market.


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