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3devo B.V. introduces Filament Maker TWO and DevoJourney Service

The technology company 3devo, known for its high-quality and user-oriented products, recently announced the launch of its new Filament Maker TWO and the DevoJourney customer service program. These innovations are set to make a significant impact on the 3D printing sector. The Filament Maker TWO, presented for the first time at Formnext in Frankfurt, is more than just a further development of the previous model. It brings innovative technologies to the production of 3D printing filaments and enables users to explore new frontiers in 3D printing technology.

The Filament Maker TWO features advanced, data-driven insights, unparalleled extrusion control, precision and stability, as well as a user-friendly design and future-proof technology. This evolution provides technical teams, educational institutions and public labs with the features and capabilities they need. 3devo offers two models of the Filament Maker: The Fusion model, which is suitable for research and development and ideal for material blends for experimentation, and the HighFlow model, which is designed for production and provides a stable flow for compound or virgin materials.

In addition to the Filament Maker TWO, 3devo also showcased DevoJourney, a comprehensive customer service that guides customers through the complex world of extrusion and 3D printing. This service includes access to expert consultations to understand customer needs, customized roadmaps that grow with projects, and post-consultation support to ensure an ongoing partnership in achieving project goals.

“At 3devo, we’re constantly innovating to deliver industry-disrupting technology that empowers our customers to elevate their creativity and productivity,” said CEO Tim Wesselink. “Our next-generation filament maker promises to be something that changes the game in 3D printing. By investing in this new product, you’re investing in a future of endless possibilities, sustainability, and innovation.”

The launch of the Filament Maker TWO and the DevoJourney service marks a significant step for 3devo towards further refinement and customization of 3D printing technology, which is important for both research and production.

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