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3DPFIX: AI troubleshooting system for 3D printing beginners

Researchers have developed an AI-based troubleshooting system called “3DPFIX” for 3D printing newcomers, which aims to make it easier to get started in the often error-prone world of desktop 3D printing.

The idea was born from observations of how beginners typically deal with problems. Although online resources offer numerous suggested solutions, beginners find it difficult to describe their specific problems precisely and find suitable instructions. They therefore tend to simply post pictures of the failed prints – often with no response.

“Unfortunately, many posts remain unanswered as new requests are constantly flooding the forums,” the researchers note. “Yet many cases have similarities, so that existing solutions could be found through targeted searches – a practice that newcomers do not use.”

3DPFIX was developed to avoid this frustration. The system contains four core functions. An image-based fault diagnosis for simple problem description, a visual explanation of the diagnosis for reliable assignment, explanations of technical terms via mouseover and curated solution workflows.

In the first step, users can upload a photo of the fault. After the diagnosis, 3DPFIX offers general solutions as well as specific instructions based on details such as noise, vibrations or settings. The approach thus packs 3D printing know-how into a form that is understandable for newcomers.

Further details can be found in the scientific paper “3DPFIX: Improving Remote Novices’ 3D Printing Troubleshooting through Human-AI Collaboration“.

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