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San Draw Medical has developed a new trainer for intravenous access. The training tool has an artificial skin and veins that should feel similar to human skin and veins. Some of the key parts of the IV Trainer are 3D printed.

Creating an intravenous access is practice and experience matter. But until now it was common to train with real patients or only with unrealistic training devices. There are already training devices on the marked but they have an unrealistic hard rubber mixture that should be “the skin”. But this skin is harder than the real one and so it’s not a very realistic training. Because of this San Draw Medical has developed 3D printed silicon skin that should act nearly in the same way as real human skin.

The traditional clinical education is mostly dependent on diagrams & data from text books. But students & patients are always looking for a real-life feel that they can actually hold in hands to have a comprehensive hang of the function and shape. It is where San Draw’s FAM technology plays a considerable role. Silicone comes with the needed human-like touch & thus many would be benefitted from what could be generated on 3D printer

But not only medicine students could benefit from the IV Trainer. All other medical staff that works in hospitals or ambulances could take benefits from the training device. Because all of these people have to create intravenous access to their patients sometimes.

If you are interested in the IV Trainer you can order it for 399$ on the San Draw Medical website. At this price one skin pad is already included. The skin pads simulate the human bloodstream and skin. There are skin pads with different sizes of veins and each skin pad should be able to withstand more than 100 stiches. It’s also possible to order replacement skin pads for 99$ per piece – it should be able to replace a skin pad in only 30 seconds.

Each of the self-sealing pad can withstand 100+ punctures. The cool bit is that you can replace this skin pad in just within 30 seconds! We assure you an affordable solution so that you can have more practices easily.

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