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“60 Minutes” visits construction 3D printing company ICON

We have often reported about the company ICON. The US company specializes in 3D printing of buildings and has been able to implement interesting projects in the past. Now the well-known US reportage magazine “60 Minutes” has visited ICON.

In the TV program, ICON founder Jason Ballard is convinced that the technology can permanently change the way we build. Critics still see it as more of a niche application. According to Ballard, 3D printing enables faster, more efficient and environmentally friendly home production. Instead of numerous craftsmen and materials, only a robot with a nozzle is used to print the walls layer by layer from liquid concrete. According to ICON, this allows a wall to be made with a fraction of the materials and waste.

ICON has already built several small houses and a model building as demonstrations. Next, the company plans to build an entire housing complex with more than 100 printed homes. The long-term vision is to use 3D printing to build entire lunar and Martian stations. A project with NASA is researching lunar printing technology.

We have also covered many of these points in various articles, but it is still worth taking a look at the short documentary.

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