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ADDMAN Group supports US Navy in 3D printing project

ADDMAN Group has launched a major qualification project for the US Navy focused on the additive manufacturing of copper-nickel (CuNi) components in submarine fittings.

Traditional casting processes for these components are associated with long lead times of over twelve months and high scrap rates.

“The challenges of traditional casting methods have impeded the Navy’s ability to meet its production goals. Through this project, we are not just solving a supply chain issue; we are contributing to national security,” stated Robert Dunn, Sr. Director of Hypersonic and Maritime Business Development at ADDMAN. “Leveraging Additive Manufacturing for these critical components, we can eliminate the limitations of casting, offering superior material properties and faster production times.”

The successful implementation of this project is expected to ensure a more robust and resilient supply chain. As a result, the US Navy aims to safeguard its technological capabilities and increase operational readiness.

 “A primary mission of Austal USA is to bring new production capacity into the Submarine Industrial Base,” said Don Hairston, General Manager, Austal USA Advanced Technologies. “We are excited to work with ADDMAN Group to deliver on that mission.”

ADDMAN leverages the collective expertise and resources of its seven manufacturing facilities in the U.S., including the specialized capabilities of the HARBEC unit in Rochester, NY. This collaboration underscores a holistic strategy to develop scalable solutions for the production of AM components for the Navy and supports the Navy in achieving its production and operational goals.

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