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Alexandre d’Orsetti: new CEO at Sculpteo

Sculpteo, the 3D printing and digital production service, announced its new CEO: Alexandre d’Orsetti. He takes over from Clément Moreau, who co-founded and led Sculpteo for more than 13 years.

3D printing is revolutionizing the way production can be achieved in numerous industries, using materials ranging from polymers with innovative mechanical properties to the toughest metals. From his perspective as a designer, Alexandre intends to continue to anticipate manufacturers’ needs and provide an agile and rapid production solution at a time when the pressing need for relocation is reshaping the manufacturing sector.

The new CEO of Sculpteo, Alexandre d’Orsetti, has just taken on his new role after heading up the company’s design studio for six years. During those years, he worked closely with customers and the production team on project delivery and industrialization. With a team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers, the studio supports customers with the adoption of 3D printing technologies. Alexandre is an industrial designer and a graduate of ENSCI-les Ateliers, an industrial design school. His training gives him a comprehensive overview of projects and a multi-disciplinary industrial culture. He is passionate about the potential of additive manufacturing and the resulting new production models.

3D printing and digital manufacturing continue to disrupt the industrial manufacturing landscape. The figures speak for themselves: the 3D printing market is expected to reach nearly $32.7 billion in 2023, with an annual growth of nearly 25% (source: Markets and Markets). 51% of users say they use additive manufacturing at an industrial scale (source: State of 3D Printing 2021). 3D printing has become a mature manufacturing technology.

Alexandre d’Orsetti, CEO of Sculpteo, said: “Even when distribution chains were slowed down or paralyzed in a crisis context like the Covid pandemic, 3D printing ensured the continuity of various production lines. The development of new materials with efficient mechanical properties, particularly by BASF, are making it possible to target new industrial applications. The freedom of design makes it possible to explore innovative technical solutions, such as lattice structures for example. The sector is developing rapidly at present and applications are multiplying in sectors such as automotive, space, architecture and health. For a designer, it is exciting to see how these technologies are making it possible to rethink not only the shapes and design approach for parts, but also to revisit production and supply scenarios.”

The latest investments have enabled Sculpteo to significantly expand its fleet of machines, mainly for powder and photopolymer technologies. The company currently has the largest fleet of HP Multi Jet Fusion machines in France (12 in total) and has joined the Digital Manufacturing Network created by HP and become a Digital Manufacturing Partner. It has also adopted new post-processing solutions.

For more information about Sculpteo, visit www.sculpteo.com.

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