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Altair joins the 3MF Consortium as a Steering Member

The 3MF consortium has announced that Altair has joined as a Steering Member.

Altair, known for its innovations in simulation-driven design and topology optimization, marks a significant milestone with this strategic alliance to enhance the use of the 3MF format to communicate critical data in additive manufacturing.

Altair’s journey began in 1985 at a time when the engineering industry was just beginning to recognize the potential of simulation-driven design. From the beginning, Altair embraced the power of using data to support engineering decisions and became a pioneer in introducing simulation as a core part of the design process. Their groundbreaking work in topology optimization shaped the industry and laid the foundation for a new era of efficient, data-driven design.

Altair’s extensive experience in data-driven design and simulation makes the partnership with the 3MF consortium particularly fitting. The 3MF format has quickly established itself as the industry standard for communicating critical information in additive manufacturing. Altair’s expertise in simulation-driven design brings an exciting dimension to this collaboration.

As a member of the steering committee, Altair brings extensive knowledge in data management and optimization, which can be used to integrate more metadata into the 3MF format. This data-rich format enables engineers to make more informed decisions throughout the additive manufacturing process.

Altair’s influence also extends to non-engineering data products. Its expansion into diverse data areas fits perfectly with the evolving landscape of additive manufacturing, where data from multiple sources converge to optimize processes and outcomes.

For Altair’s partners and customers, this alliance means tangible benefits. With Altair’s new implicit modeling technology, customers can expect more efficient workflows, shorter design iterations and greater precision in their additive manufacturing processes. The adoption of the Volumetric Extension by an extensive network of 3MF consortium members opens up new avenues for collaboration and interoperability.

Altair joins the 3MF consortium with a vision: to drive data-driven design in additive manufacturing. Their expertise in simulation and cutting-edge implicit modeling technology aims to enable partners and customers to seamlessly communicate complex designs. Together with 3MF, Altair is driving the way data is collected, designs are created and valuable technical products are manufactured.

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