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AMCM provides the Manufacturing Technology Center with the new M 290-2 FLX system metal 3D printer

The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) will have the first access to a new, state-of-the-art industrial laser-based powder bed fusion solution equipped with two variable spot size nLIGHT lasers, enabling the MTC to test novel applications with materials that were previously difficult to process reliably.

The AMCM M 290-2 FLX system, which integrates two nLIGHT AFX lasers, marks a significant advance in the industry. These lasers offer a variable spot size from 85 µm in gaussian form up to 210 µm in donut form, enabling a wider and flatter melting zone with more even temperature distribution. This innovation results in faster printing with improved process stability and reduced sooting and spattering.

“The UK manufacturing sector is at the forefront of innovation. While the use of materials such as copper offers huge benefits to product designers, manufacturers still face challenges in the additive manufacturing process. It’s always amazing to work with MTC – a true thought leader in UK – to expand the field of industrial metal AM”, explained Sina Trik, Sales AMCM, EMEA.

Another outstanding feature of the system is the control of the atmosphere in the pressure range, which remains stable at below 50 ppm. This is particularly important when increasing speeds or using oxidation-sensitive materials such as pure copper, which the MTC will use for industrial quality testing. In addition, the build platform’s heating function up to 500°C enables effective pre- and post-heat treatment of high-performance aluminum alloys and refractory metals.

“The laser setup will be identical to what is in future larger AMCM machines such as the AMCM M 8K. We will use our machine to investigate topics such as laser overlap on a smaller scale before going up to using larger systems. This investment demonstrates our continued support to companies by providing open access to assets with advanced AM capabilities that can produce high-performance parts more efficiently and cost-effectively. This way, we can help to increase the technology’s adoption in the UK”, said Ruaridh Mitchinson, Technology Manager at the MTC.

The partnership between MTC and AMCM aims to produce parts more efficiently and cost-effectively through advanced AM capabilities, further increasing technology adoption in the UK. This is a key step in increasing the cost-effectiveness of additive manufacturing while improving production speed and quality.

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