Home Industry AMIS offers new consulting service for 3D printing

AMIS offers new consulting service for 3D printing

The software company AMIS, which specializes in production software for 3D printing, has introduced a new consulting service. With the “Breakthrough Service”, AMIS aims to support companies in the successful introduction of additive manufacturing in series production.

According to AMIS Managing Director Kris Binon, many manufacturers lack the necessary expertise to select the right 3D printing process and use it optimally. This is where the consulting service comes in: Workshops and projects are held to analyze which processes are suitable for the company in question.

The aim is to provide independent and technology-neutral information about the opportunities and challenges of additive manufacturing. According to Binon, the company has years of experience with production software for 3D printing, but is also familiar with the hardware side through its collaboration with printer manufacturers.

For AMIS, the new consultancy is logical: “Our aim is to focus on customer benefits. To do this, we need to understand the needs of the users,” says company boss Nick De Roeck. In the long term, AMIS is also hoping for impetus to further develop its own software.

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