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AML3D receives 2.24 million in funding from the Australian government

3D printing expert AML3D has received a grant from the South Australian Government to invest a total of $2.24 million in the next generation of its proprietary metal 3D printing technology.

With support from the South Australian Government, the accelerated ARCEMY Increase Deposition Rates (AIDR) project will be delivered over a 15-month period, commencing in August 2024. This will initially create four highly skilled jobs in advanced manufacturing and software development. The Economic Recovery Fund (ERF) grant payments will be made as reimbursements for eligible project expenditures.

The successful completion of the AIDR project will further extend AML3D’s technology and lead in both the domestic and international markets. This will strengthen South Australia as a major global hub for advanced metals manufacturing and technological advancements. AML3D is already supporting the commercial use of advanced manufacturing through contracts to supply ARCEMY systems and Wire-arc Advanced Manufacturing (WAM) 3D metal parts to the Australian and US defense sectors, including support to the US Navy’s submarine industrial base.

The AIDR project will strengthen the advanced manufacturing ecosystem in South Australia and across the country. The metal 3D printing consumables used for the project will be sourced from South Australian suppliers and verification testing will be conducted at a National Association of Testing Authorities accredited laboratory in Australia. A functional AIDR metal 3D printing system will be able to produce large format and exotic material parts faster, with less energy consumption, less waste and higher quality than traditional manufacturing processes.

AML3D CEO Sean Ebert said: “The award, from the South Australian Government of the $1.12 million Economic Recovery Fund grant, will facilitate a significant investment to keep AML3D and South Australia at the leading edge of advanced manufacturing. The $2.24 million ARCEMY Increased Deposition Project will create new, highly skilled jobs in South Australia and has the potential to solve even more of the manufacturing needs of our Australian and overseas customers.

AML3D is proud to be contributing to technology leadership and economic development in South Australia and to be leveraging this on a global scale. From our global base in Adelaide, we are delivering ARCEMY systems and metal 3D printed components to support the US Navy’s submarine industrial base, the Australian Defence and Science Technology Group and tier one, global customers such as Boeing and Chevron. Having the South Australian Government support the development of the next generation of our ARCEMY technology is expected to keep AML3D and South Australia at the forefront of advanced manufacturing in the years to come.”

This project not only demonstrates AML3D’s commitment to technological innovation, but also its ambition to establish South Australia as a center for advanced manufacturing and technology.

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