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AML3D supports the Australian Navy

AML3D supplies test components to the Australian Defense Force to assess suitability for marine applications. The test components will be manufactured from nickel-aluminum-bronze and a high-strength steel alloy. The contract is in line with AML3D’s strategic goal of expanding into other markets in the marine defense sector in addition to its strong growth in the US.

This contract illustrates AML3D’s continued success in diversifying into additional global defense markets and complements its strong growth in the US. The company’s U.S. scale-up strategy secured contracts totaling nearly 12 million Australian dollars in 2023, particularly in support of the U.S. Navy’s submarine industrial base. AML3D is leveraging its strategies from the U.S. to accelerate its entry into additional defense markets and meet the growing demand for advanced manufacturing solutions.

AML3D CEO Sean Ebert said: “It is very exciting to be directly supplying test NAB and Duplex steel components to the DSTG, which is tasked with assessing the best of Australian science, technology and innovation to address Australia’s Defence and national security challenges. AML3D’s WAM manufactured NAB and duplex steel has passed multiple rounds of marine defence testing in the US and here at home. This gives us confidence we will meet the DSTG requirements, creating opportunities for significant new contracts.”

This contract underscores AML3D’s strategic goal to continue to expand into defense markets that show similar strong demand signals as the US and demonstrates the value of advanced WAM technology for Australian naval defense applications.

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