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Amsis releases Genesis 3 software for optimized 3D printing processes

Bremen-based startup Amsis has unveiled the further development of its Genesis 3 3D printing software. The new version is designed to support users in the economical production of additive components by reducing the amount of material and time required.

According to Amsis, the savings potential is between 10 and 30 percent, depending on the use case. Genesis 3 prepares 3D printing data, simulates processes and optimizes factors such as support structures, exposure patterns and surfaces.

Features include automatic generation of support structures and simulation-based segmentation and exposure strategy. According to Amsis, the latter improves the heat balance of the component and thus the material properties.

Another advantage is the reduction of overhangs, which reduces the material and time required for support structures, it says. According to aviation supplier Premium Aerotec, this has reduced overhangs without supports from 45 to 23 degrees.

In addition, Genesis 3 reduces the scatter of material properties, which increases part quality. Premium Aerotec confirmed this with titanium samples. Overall, Amsis promises decreasing manufacturing and post-processing costs as well as shorter build times thanks to Genesis 3.

According to Amsis CEO Vasily Ploshikh, the software enables comprehensive digital control and optimization of the 3D printing process for the first time. This contributes to the cost efficiency and sustainability of additive manufacturing, he said.

According to Amsis, Genesis 3 is designed to support users from the import of CAD data through nesting, slicing and exposure strategy to the final print job. An intuitive user interface facilitates parameterization.

With the further development of its software, Amsis wants to advance the digitization and automation of 3D printing. According to its own statement, well-known companies such as Premium Aerotec are already using the Genesis solution to increase the quality and profitability of their additive manufacturing.

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