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Asetek announces 3D-printed, AI-optimized cold plates with Fabric8labs

Asetek, developer of gaming hardware and inventor of the All-in-One (AIO) liquid cooler, announced a strategic partnership with 3D printing specialist Fabric8labs.

The partnership between Asetek and Fabric8Labs is based on the use of Fabric8Labs’ advanced Electrochemical Additive Manufacturing (ECAM) technology. This technology makes it possible to create highly complex and high-resolution structures that significantly improve the thermal capabilities of cold plates. The new cold plate shows a significant increase in performance compared to previous generations, underlining the effectiveness of this collaboration.

A key advantage of the ECAM method is the ability to create structures without post-processing, ensuring the quality and integrity of each cold plate. This method is also massively scalable to meet high production demands. Fabric8Labs’ innovative technology not only improves the thermal properties of the cold plates, but also optimizes fluid dynamics, resulting in better cooling performance.

“Partnering with Fabric8Labs allows us to push the boundaries of liquid cooling technology. Their innovative metal 3D printing process enhances our ability to deliver high-performance, reliable, and sustainable solutions,” said John Hamill, COO of Asetek.

In addition to performance, the new AI-optimized cold plate also focuses on sustainability. The efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing process represents a significant advance in metal additive manufacturing. This underlines the two companies’ shared commitment to innovation and quality.

“We are excited to collaborate with Asetek to bring our proprietary ECAM technology to the desktop market, providing customers with superior performance. This partnership exemplifies our shared dedication to quality and innovation,” said Jeff Herman, CEO and co-founder of Fabric8Labs.

Asetek’s new AI-optimized cold plate will be showcased in the ASUS ROG booth at Computex 2024. This collaboration marks an important step in the advancement of liquid cooling technology and demonstrates the benefits of additive manufacturing in high-performance hardware. The integration of Fabric8Labs’ advanced 3D printing technologies into Asetek’s products demonstrates how technological advancements can lead to improved and more sustainable solutions.

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