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Aston Martin presents 3D-printed super bike

An extraordinary collaboration between two traditional British companies: Luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin and titanium bicycle specialist J.Laverack have jointly developed the “.1R” model. The high-end sports bike combines state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, such as 3D printing and parametric design, with classic craftsmanship.

According to the manufacturer, the .1R uses 3D-printed titanium connecting elements and carbon fiber-reinforced frame parts, among other things. This combination should ensure an optimum mix of stiffness and riding comfort. Also integrated: specially designed disc brakes, invisible cable guides and a host of other innovations.

Aston Martin refers to the great customization possibilities of the .1R. In an elaborate process, customers can adapt both technical components and design elements such as paintwork and saddle covers to their personal taste – similar to the company’s luxury cars. According to Aston Martin, every .1R is customized and becomes unique.

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