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Atlantic XL Inc. acquires SLM280 machine for 3D metal parts production

Atlantic XL provides EPC and EPCM services to the energy industry that supports offshore and onshore systems including digitalization, telecommunications, navigation, environmental monitoring and metal additive manufacturing. Atlantic XL now revealed that they will be operating the first commercially available metal 3D printer in Newfoundland and Labrador. The Canada-based company selected SLM Solutions as their vendor of choice and purchased an SLM280 machine.

Drawing on over 20 years’ experience in engineering, procurement, and construction management of integrated solutions the business has recognized that industry has never been faced with a more challenging environment in the procurement of materials required to support its clients. Today the industry possesses significant supply chain challenges for high-quality metal parts. Atlantic XL therefore decided to acquire an SLM280 system from additive manufacturing partner SLM Solutions. This capability will contribute to net zero by reducing the carbon footprint, as well as support supply chain by reducing long lead times, solving part obsolescence, and reducing costs by offering a digital warehouse concept over physical parts storage.

“We decided on the SLM280 because of the open architecture system. It gives us the freedom to adapt everything we need. The excellent collaboration with our team and the technically acceptable equipment supported our decision,” explains Marty Gaulin, Director of Additive Manufacturing at Atlantic XL.

The SLM280 is a robust additive manufacturing machine with multi-laser technology and closed loop powder handling. It’s ideal for medium to high volume metal additive manufacturing part production and prototypes. The open architecture strategy of the machine enables a free choice of powder, open process parameters with ready to print parameters if required and variable control.

“Our machines are a great asset for the energy industry. SLM Solutions has proven its ability to innovate with products such as FreeFloat and is helping to make the world a better place with innovative components and technical progress. We are pleased about this exciting new relationship bringing our manufacturing footprint to the East coast of Canada,” says Fabrizio Ragusa energy expert of SLM Solutions.

Find out more about XL Group at xlg.co.uk.

for more information about SLM Solutions, please visit slm-solutions.com.

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