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Austrian Startup Zweikampf Revolutionises Shin Guards With 3D Printing

Professional athletes like soccer players need the best protection they can get and in most fields like this there is no innovation.

April 11th 2016 – The only protection a professional soccer player needs is a shin guard and the design of these didn’t change much since they were introduced. But the Austrian startup Zweikampf is going to change that.

Zweikampf-boxZweikampf shin guards are designed and also will be completely produced in Austria. And they feature a very lightweight 3D printed structure to give the guards a ultra-high impact protection. The special Y-shaped structure deflects impacts better than traditional shaped guards and enables the weight of only 75g (for M size).

The 7mm thin Zweikampf shin guards will be available from May 2016 in three sizes and consist of three layers. You also can personalise the inner side of the guards with your name and player number.

Zweikampf shin guards


April 19th 2016 – ZWEIKAMPF launched a Kickstarter campaign

Finally the revolutionary shinguards named ZWEIKAMPF are available for preorder on Kickstarter. The high-tech shinguards can be ordered for just 125€ for a limited quantity.

After the Kickstarter campaign the ZWEIKAMPF shinguards will cost 149€. Products ordered via Kickstarter will be delivered as early as May 2016.

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