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Authentise secures funding for innovations in 3D printing

Authentise, a leader in the development of data-driven tools for engineering and manufacturing workflows, today announced the receipt of three grants for its Open Innovation initiatives. With support from Innovate UK, the US Department of Energy and Eureka, the project underscores Authentise’s commitment to innovation in additive manufacturing.

The projects include:

METAMAT: In collaboration with NS85, Teesside University, Lancaster University and Holdson, this project aims to overcome the challenges in manufacturing highly functional metallic lattice structures at scale. Authentise contributes to the development of seamless integration between manufacturers, designers and customers. The project is part of the Resource Efficiency in Materials and Manufacturing (REforMM) program funded by Innovate UK.

DISTOPIA: Together with partners including EPOCH, AMRC, Queen Mary University of London, ION Metal and Turkish Aerospace, Authentise is developing a plasma DED solution that addresses urgent needs in the manufacturing, repair and remanufacturing sectors, particularly in aerospace. Authentise is supporting the project with its expertise in data-driven workflow management and digital certification. The project is enabled by Eureka’s SMART Advanced Manufacturing Cluster and funded by Innovate UK.

AM-Verify: Authentise has been selected to develop a secure, real-time measurement system aimed at detecting third-party tampering with AM systems. This system, developed in collaboration with I3D MFG and Addiguru, is designed not only to improve cybersecurity but also to advance quality assurance in additive manufacturing. The project is funded by the Cybersecurity Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CyManII) of the US Department of Energy.

Erica Vlahinos, VP of Additive Manufacturing at Authentise, said: “These grants show that Authentise keeps pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing to help accelerate the technology benefits of our customers, AM power users. Together, we are delivering a more secure and efficient technology, ready to penetrate further into the heart of manufacturing as a whole.”

Simon McCaldin, VP Open Innovation at Authentise, commented: “Authentise has always pursued a very intentional open innovation approach working with a myriad of partners around the world to address some of the industry’s most pressing challenges. We’re delighted to have been trusted by both our project and funding partners to provide the digital backbone of the solutions. We’re excited to share the progress of these and many other projects to come.”

These projects illustrate Authentise’s role as an innovator in 3D printing and its ambition to make the technology safer, more efficient and more widely usable.

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