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BLT Metal drives quality in automotive production with 3D printing technology

Metal 3D printing technology is playing an increasingly important role in automotive and component manufacturing. It enables automotive companies to accelerate research and prototyping and aims to achieve high-quality series production in a timely manner. BLT uses its expertise in technological research and development to provide the automotive industry with high-quality 3D printed products and services, particularly in the areas of pre-research, production support and innovative design.

BLT has produced key components for the Tongji Electric Car Team’s DRe23 formula race car, including pillars, rocker arms, flange ear pieces and water-cooled motor housings. Using a generative design approach and AI tools, these components are optimized from a high-strength aluminum alloy and mass-produced on the BLT-S400 printing machine. The final parts meet strict mechanical requirements and achieve maximum lightweight construction.

For a Jeep model, BLT quickly validates the assembly and aesthetic effects. The model includes more than ten components with an average body thickness of 2mm. The roof and interior seats use a lightweight lattice structure, while elements such as wheels and doors integrate parametric textures for the production of complex configurations.

The BLT-A400 printing machine, equipped with five lasers, produces a complete substrate of 1004 car tire steel plates in just 52.2 hours, enabling an annual output of over 110,000 units. The finished steel plates have a precise size accuracy of ±0.05 mm, with a surface roughness of Ra3.2 to 6.3.

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