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CASTOR offers free trial version of its software for identifying 3D printed parts

CASTOR, an industrial manufacturing software for automatic part identification, can now be tested free of charge. The company has launched a free trial version that allows potential customers to explore the software’s capabilities.

CASTOR’s software addresses the challenge of identifying suitable parts for 3D printing. It automates the process of screening parts and highlights those that are suitable for AM from a business perspective. With the trial version, users can analyze the potential and benefits of AM for selected parts. This analysis takes into account material properties, cost-benefit ratio, digital supply chain benefits and environmental considerations. It also recommends optimal combinations of 3D printers and printable materials based on the specific requirements of the parts.

“Our mission is to help every engineer reduce the time and effort required to identify the opportunities for Additive Manufacturing” says Omer Blaier, Co-Founder & CEO of CASTOR. “Through the Trial, we want to enable every engineer experience the value of our software firsthand”

The full version of CASTOR makes it possible to identify suitable parts for AM on a large scale. In the world of 3D printing, time is of the essence. Selecting the optimal parts for 3D printing from thousands of possibilities can be time consuming. CASTOR’s software can analyze thousands of parts simultaneously and identify those for which AM makes sense from a technical, economic and sustainability perspective. It offers a wide range of advanced features and tools for both newcomers and AM experts. These include the ability to improve efficiency through weight reduction and part consolidation, as well as a quick assessment of part failure probability using finite element analysis specifically tailored to AM.

The launch of the free trial version of CASTOR underlines the company’s commitment to accelerate the transition to 3D printing, taking into account both technical and environmental aspects. This will enable engineers to utilize the benefits of 3D printing more efficiently and effectively.

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