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Ceramic and metal filaments manufacturer NANOE partners with KIMYA to conquer the North American market

The French producer of ceramics for additive manufacturing, NANOE, announced an exclusive marketing partnership with KIMYA for Zetamix filaments in the US and Canada. NANOE is relying on the presence in North America of the additive manufacturing expert KIMYA to support its international growth.

An expert in ceramics since its founding in 2008, NANOE is establishing an exclusive partnership with KIMYA, an ARMOR group company specializing in the formulation and production of materials and providing support to industrial operators in the onshoring of bespoke parts production. KIMYA will now be offering Nanoe’s Zetamix filaments in the North American market. Suitable for FDM (fused deposition modeling) 3D printers, the Zetamix by NANOE ceramic and metal filaments offer the right mechanical and thermal properties for producing bespoke and robust parts able to resist temperatures of up to 1600°C. These filaments are notably used in laboratory applications (specimen holders, crucibles, etc.) and by industrial operators in a variety of fields, such as jewelry and aerospace (watch cases, sensors in aviation sensors…).

“We are delighted to be expanding our distribution channels in strategic regions like North America thanks to our partner KIMYA, with which we share a vision and the know-how in technical materials for the production of finished parts. We are fully confident in its ability to represent our filament range in this market and to help us extend the use of ceramic and metallic additive manufacturing on the international stage”, states Guillaume de Calan, co-founder of NANOE.

KIMYA and NANOE, two specialists uniting their know-how
Operating in the North American market since 2019, the French company KIMYA provides support to international industrial operators for their additive manufacturing projects requiring the production of finished parts, thanks to the design and production of bespoke 3D materials. KIMYA also offers ranges of ready-to-use filaments with specific chemical and mechanical properties. Through this partnership, the additive manufacturing expert is expanding its range with the addition of ceramic and metallic filaments to its current offering of materials.

“At KIMYA, it is our goal to establish a long-term presence in the North American market. Already in 2020 we installed new semi-finished product cutting lines at our ARMOR USA premises, in order to better serve the specific demands of our American industrial customers. In 2021, North America accounted for 35% of the global 3D printing market, estimated to be worth USD 17 billion1. This is why we are determined to establish even stronger local roots, notably by now extending our range of 3D materials with the Zetamix by NANOE filaments. These hi-tech materials complement our own range, providing solutions for the production of finished parts via additive manufacturing”, concludes Pierre-Antoine Pluvinage, Business Development Director at KIMYA.

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