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Cleaning of resin prints: Alternative to isopropanol (IPA)

Solvents such as isopropanol (IPA) are usually used in the post-processing of 3D prints produced with liquid resin. However, their intense odors and flammability are a disadvantage. Resin cleaning agents are a possible alternative.

In a recent video, YouTuber Uncle Jessy tests the special cleaning agent for resin printing. This advertises above all with significantly more pleasant fragrances and non-flammability compared to IPA.

For an objective test, the YouTuber cleaned several print results in IPA, in the cleaning agent and in diluted IPA. The substances were used both with brushes and in ultrasonic baths.

According to Jessy, the cleaning agent performed very well in terms of results and user-friendliness. The cleaned prints were neither sticky nor did they have an annoying shine. The only disadvantage is the significantly higher price compared to conventional IPA.

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