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Concrete 3D Printer Creates Tiny House In Just 24 Hours

Alex Le Roux, who had unveiled his first 3D concrete printer about a year ago, has now completed a 3D printed tiny house within 24 hours.

The Texas-based engineer accomplished this with the second version of his self-developped 3D printer, the V2 Vesta. It has a large build volume of approximately 3 x 3 x 3 meters, which allows for 3D printing individual blocks or even single-print constructions, such as the tiny house with an interior floor plan of around 2 x 1.5 meters and hight of 2 meters. A printing speed of up to 0.3 meters per second on the X and Y axis allowed for the construction to be completed within just 24 hours. Featuring shielded electronics, the RepRap design-based printer can be used on site in all weather conditions and is set up within about half an hour. Le Roux used a mix of the commonly available Portland cement for his structures, which is comparably inexpensive.

While you probably wouldn’t want to live in the tiny structures with no windows, the impressive project still shows that it has potential to create small affordable housing in the near future.

Being the first in the US to construct a building using 3D printing technology, Le Roux is currently trying to raise funds from investors to further his project and to eventually make it commercially available.


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