Home Industry CoreTechnologie optimizes 3D printing with texture library according to VDI 3400

CoreTechnologie optimizes 3D printing with texture library according to VDI 3400

The Franco-German software developer CoreTechnologie has expanded its 3D printing software 4D_Additive with a special texture library based on the VDI 3400 guideline of the Association of German Engineers.

The software now offers textures that are specifically designed to conceal irregularities that occur during the printing process. Following the VDI 3400 standard ensures high quality and aesthetics of the surface textures, which are particularly important in small series production. Surface finishing with these textures not only improves the appearance of the components, but also offers functional advantages.

The application of the textures is extremely simple. Designers and engineers select the desired texture from the extensive library and apply it to the corresponding surfaces of the CAD models. The tool makes it possible to select the appropriate areas with just a few clicks and apply the texture precisely. This also automatically conceals the stair-stepping effect that is often undesirable in 3D printing.

In contrast to traditional toolmaking, where the creation of textures is often complex and time-consuming, additive manufacturing allows the surfaces to be designed quickly and flexibly directly via the software. This speeds up the production process and makes it more efficient, especially in the manufacture of small series parts.

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